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Hello and Welcome to Secrets of a Romance Writer's Husband.

Leslie Kelly (aka Leslie Parrish) is a romance writer. Leslie Kelly is my wife of 24 years.

That would make me a romance writer's husband. I've been immersed in the world of romance writing for half of our marriage. I've been involved and I've been paying attention. I have at times been accused of being a romantic husband. I say, guilty as charged. It has been said by some women that I have set a high bar for other men to reach. I don't know whether or not that's true but I do love and respect my wife and have absolutely no problem expressing both the love and the respect. I am not only a husband but also a father. A father of daughters. If I have set the bar high it is because I want to set a good example. I believe that in a relationship the bar should be set high and that neither party should settle for less than they deserve.

I also happen to believe that, while we all have our low moments, the majority of guys aren't jerks. I think the normal average guy wants to live his life and be happy just like everyone else. He works, plays, lives, and loves. He's not perfect but he tries his best and sometimes he needs a little help. Especially when it comes to relationships with women.

Romance novels are read by over 50 million women a year. They generated over $1.3 BILLION in sales last year. The relationship advice that men could use exists in manuals written in a language they don't understand, effectively hidden in plain sight. The life I live provides me access to those who write these mysterious texts. I am volunteering to be the embedded reporter. The translator. The facilitator. The man on the inside. It's time the information is shared for the benefit of everyone.

That's what this project is about. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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