Cold Touch Cover


I have read everything Leslie has written and I absolutely love her writing. Admittedly I may be just a little bit biased but only a little. I've told Leslie this and I'll say it again here in print...I believe that COLD TOUCH is the best book she's written (so far). This book simply must be noticed. Must be read. Please read it and help spread the word. You know how it's done. Post reviews, share on Facebook, Tweet, Retweet, talk it up...

I'm not the only one who thinks this is a great book. Here are just two of the great reviews it's received:

“This is truly a compelling and gut-wrenching tale. Parrish skillfully weaves paranormal elements into a taut murder mystery. Very rarely do you find an author who masters suspense, paranormal, character development, romantic conflict and resolution with such grace and ease. Parrish is top notch and this is a must-read for paranormal and suspense fans. 4 1/2 stars” – Romantic Times Magazine 

“Parrish doesn’t do things by halves: the chemistry is hot, the bad guy is truly evil and the paranormal aspects are dark and haunting. Her full commitment to both romance and suspense heightens the impact and sweeps the reader along the twisty path to a satisfying climax.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Who doesn't want to be swept along a twisty path to a satisfying climax? Hey, Publisher's Weekly said it...

For some details on what's happening on release day and in the near future, check out Leslie's blog today over on Plotmonkeys. And for mercy's sake...Read. This. Book!


Paula R said...

Hey Bruce, you and the reviewers got it right. This book is her BEST!!! to date. They just keep getting better and better. I was up all night into the early morning reading...I couldn't put it down. I want to read it again, like now. I need to come back to Paula first though. I was like a character in the book, and it was an amazing ride.

Peace and love,
Paula R.