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So what's a guy to do? Well, unfortunately one of the male stereotypes that does seem to be true is that men generally don’t like to ask directions. Nor do they seem to like reading instructions. In spite of this I’d bet that almost all men have, at some point, wished – begged – for an instruction manual for how to have a relationship with a woman. Even the most confident of us will admit to sometimes wishing for a guide to help him through the foreign and sometimes hostile land of romance and relationships.

If only such a guide existed. Think of the possibilities. Imagine, a book that presented detailed examples of romantic relationships between men and women. Relationships that work. Relationships that solve problems and have happily-ever-afters. Example after example of idealized relationships that women fantasize about having with men who treat them the way they wish they could be treated. Oh, if only such a guide existed.

I’m here to give testimony that it does. That’s right. It does exist. This collection of manuals is readily available and is read by millions of women each year right under the noses of men. Even if men noticed they wouldn’t recognize it for what it was because it’s written in a language that most men don’t understand and it has been disguised as fiction and cleverly hidden in plain view like Edgar Allen Poe’s “Purloined Letter”.

This invaluable resource is called the ROMANCE NOVEL.

Yes, romance novels. Romance novels where the hero is strong, confident and always knows how to treat the heroine. Romance novels which are read by about 50 million women a year and in 2008 generated almost $1.4 BILLION in sales. Romance novels which are an endlessly brimming resource full of relationship guidance. The women who read these books and the women who write them obviously know something and it’s time that men learned a thing or two from the people that know.

Any military strategist will tell you that in order to plan a successful military operation you must have intelligence. That is, accurate and reliable information. An age old way of getting that information is to have someone on the inside. In this case that someone is me. My wife, Leslie Kelly/Leslie Parrish, is a multi-published professional writer of romance novels whose first book was released in 1999. Since that time I have been immersed in the world of romance writing. Manuscripts, workshops, national and regional conferences, critique groups, publishing houses, book signings, editors, agents, romance writers by the hundreds. I’ve been in the middle of it all and I’m ready to talk. Not about juicy gossip but about information that guys can use to improve their relationships with women. I want to translate and give men access to the manual that can help them change our image from cluelessness to confidence.

And that folks is the goal of this endeavor.


Paula R said...

Nice post today, Bruce. I have a q for you think after reading your posts, some men will in turn say that women should read the books they like to find out more about them? Just curious. It popped into my head. I would love a book like that too. Have a wonderful day.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Bruce said...

Good question Paula. I believe it's certainly possible. And not at all unreasonable. Sharing of information and communication is a two way street. There are always going to be sticking points and things which people won't agree on. The important thing is to get the dialog going, and to respect the differences and focus on the areas where synergy can occur.

Malach the Merciless said...

I need one of those right now, or perhaps a large caliber weapons, please I need help.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Bless you Bruce. Bless you.

Bruce said...

Thank you so much Kelly. An up hill battle, I know, but I get tired of all the cynicism about love and relationships. I believe that HEA's can happen because I'm living one, BUT they don't just happen. Not until you take responsibility for your own thoughts, actions, feelings and work at it. Continually work at it.
Thank you again. Responding to you just helped gel a future blog post that had been running around in my head.